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Besakih Temple

Besakih Temple
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Besakih Temple


Bali Masari Villas & Spa is centrally located for a wide range of activities, and cars and drivers are on hand providing ready access to all that Bali has to offer.

To the north of Masari, the roads climb uphill to the line of volcanoes that form the center of the island. The largest of these, Mt Agung, is the holy mountain and the home of the gods. Much of Balinese life is centered on their own form of Hindu spirituality in which Mt Agung plays a major part.

Places to visit are Besakih, the most holy temple in Bali, situated high on the side of Mt Agung. A little to the west lies Kintamani, perched on the edge of a huge volcanic crater, offering a spectacular view across a deep volcanic lake and the still active volcanic cone of Mt Batur. Further west lies the hill town of Bedugul, noted for its golf course and vegetable market.

On the road north, the beautiful sculptured terraces of rice fields at Tegalalang are the classic image of Bali. The island's sophisticated and complex irrigation system (called sobek) is over 800 years old and one of the lesser-known wonders of the world.

To the east of Masari lies the harbor village of Padangbai, and beyond that Taman Sukasada, the restored water palace at Ujung in Karangasem.

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